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    •  2009

In an effort to help alleviate the impact of childhood illness on young patients and their families, we’re currently working on a program that rewards ‘societal contribution’ with federal tax reductions and/or school credit (as part of  developing a feature-doc about the subject). Working primarily with people in the media industries (from students and production freelancers to business owners), we’re aiming to leverage social issues as an opportunity to strengthen the community. The concept is duplicable and adaptable to all contemporary crises, whether environmental, or humanitarian. I’ll roll out the details shortly.

So far in 2009, television work included several assignments from Elena Konstantinoff Films, for RTVi (Russian Television International), literally entailing shoots ‘from Maine to Spain’ (with ‘The Quest for Christ’ doc still in production). On other EKF / RTVi shoots, between April and July, we’ve captured the work of Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) on location in Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Sweden and Ukraine.

During a very ‘lighting intense’ job in April. I had the opportunity to work with Hollywood director Jordan Brady, shooting for his new development, a theatrical length documentary about stand-up comedy entertainment in America.

Another TV project I helped shoot in March, was a cable pilot. Credit goes primarily to the people of Sports Life Media and Oregon Underwater, for collaborating on the initial episode (about entry level scuba diving in Washington State). Based on this prototype, Comcast Sports Net approved development and production of further episodes, featuring outdoor adventures throughout the northwestern United States.

From week to week, projects in Portland and the region are always unique. They range from shooting local focus group meetings to legal depositions. Once I even produced an entire case presentation/short film for a court hearing. Not to mention the ever growing demand for internet videos, demos and promos, featuring the real estate market, local artists, businesses and more.
- Andreas Wallach

    •  2008

Hurghada, Egypt - The Red Sea (September 6th to 14th). The growing popularity of SCUBA diving as a recreational activity, drives initiatives to build upon existing training methods and standards. Improved skills for divers are not limited to submarine safety considerations, they especially aim to prevent environmental damage, stemming from an influx of underwater tourism (or rather, insufficiently trained/educated recreational divers). We've had the privilege again, to work with international friends and colleagues, especially Elena Konstantinou and her team (promoting a new training agency for the advancement of recreational diving as an exploratory activity).

During the recent weeks we've been shooting projects for several clients, including BDC Advertising,  Nylon TV and
Jan Warren (a good friend of more than two decades), working on the film version of  her book about the 1986 Sino-USA Upper Yangtze River Expedition (soon to be published). - Andreas Wallach

Global Documentary also provided camera and/or production services to the following documentaries:

Working title: Christianity Quest - A Reportage (EKF / RTVi, New York -
currently in production)

An unbiased exploration of ancient knowledge
, underlying numerous spiritual traditions and ideologies that encompass a modern world religion (and contemporary interpretations of its core message).

Working title: ‘Deep Green’ - An Independent Film Project
(currently in production)

Deep Green is a heartfelt exploration of the people, governments, companies and organizations working to create a sustainable world.

Working title: "The Eduen Project" - An Episodic Documentary Series (currently in development)

The project aims to educate on current environmental problems and a strategy of global solutions, proposed and/or implemented by the Eduen Federation
(intended viewing platform: PBS National)

Documentary Release (2008):
"The Empty Tomb - Mysteries of the Giza Plateau"
(Elena Konstantinoff Films for RTVi, New York)

The Great Pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The real name of the pharaoh who is thought to have built this unique structure, is Khufu (Cheops is the name given to him by the ancient Greeks). The documentary delves into unsolved  mysteries that surround this icon of the ancient world (while probing beyond the reach of academic archeology).

Executive Producer: Elena Konstantinou
Written by: Boris Koltsov, Elena Konstantinou
Directors: Elena Konstantinou, Alexander Shabataev
Production Manager: Alexei Shlanin
Cinematography: Alexander Shabataev
Producer: Shareen Anderson
Additional Cinematography: David Hands, Yervant Der Parthough, Velantina Cucchiara, Andreas Wallach
Sound: Vitali Fomin, Nkolay Boguslavsky, Nicholas Khadjipavlu, Mike Frank
Graphics (SL Studio), Yuri Lebedev, Andrei Poleshuk, Valeri Averin, Alexander Maiborada, Kristina Molotina
Original music: Ksenia Prasoleva
Sound Engineer: Oleg Sergeev
Production Assistants: Lila Thaw, Lionis Silver, Robert Capria
Consultants: Robert M. Schoch, John A. West, Robert Bauval
English Re-versioning: Lila Thaw
English Narration: Dennis Holland
From Overseas Media Inc.: Paul Kuldkepp, Vladimir Polyakov,  Yuri Shtapura
Special thanks to Quest Travel for facilitating the location shoots
Special thanks: Overseas Mdia Inc. - RTVi

     •  2007

Belgrade, December 19. 2007.  Elena Konstantinou's feature length documentary, "The Sacred Truth: The Blue Hole of Dahab", was awarded the Grand Prix at the11th International Underwater Film Festival. Global Documentary's Andreas Wallach served as cameraman during numerous field production phases (topside).
Please scroll down for additional info on the film, including production credits.

Documentary Release:
"The Sacred Truth: The Blue Hole of Dahab" (2007, Elena Konstantinoff Films)

This feature length documentary (TRT: 88, formated in 2 parts for broadcast) has been 4 years in the making. A labor of love by Elena Konstantinou, the film
investigates mysterious scuba diving fatalities in the Blue Hole, near  the fishing village of Dahab, Egypt. Since it's discovery, during Israel's occupation of the Sinai Peninsula, the death toll, over 120 and rising, is vastly out of proportion with statistical comparisons to other, often more difficult dive sites around the globe.

Directed & Produced by Elena Konstantinou (Executive Producer)
Script: Elena Konstantinou, Svetlana Klenova
Based upon original idea of  Rolfe Oostra
Co-Producers: Semyon Levin (RIP), Lisa Edwards, Alexander Shabataev
Field Producers: Shareen Anderson, Ze’ev Gilad
Underwater Camera Tracey Medway (RIP), Valentina Cucchiara
Land Camera: Alexander Shabataev, David Hands, Yervant der Parthogh, Andreas Wallach
Editor :Daniel  Weintraub
Additionnal Footage: Florian Herzburg, Benjanin Iglesis, Jonathan Robertson, Andrew Craig,
Simon Gardener, Elena Konstantinou, Bob Messer, Mara Wollong
Audio: Mike Frank, Nicolas Hadjipavlou, Lucas Longacre, Andrew Shirley
Assistant Editor: Robert Capria
Production Assistants: Rolfe Oostra, David Wilkie
Post Production Assistants: Robert Capria: Lila Thaw, Lienna Silver
Graphics and Special Effects Studio: Semyen Leven Studio, Moscow, Russia
Special Thanks To: Robert Milton Schoch PHd, John Anthony West (Egyptologist)
Leila Makeeva,Gabrielle Harris,Roman Levin, Georgiy Haritonov, Yurij Lebedev (SL studio)
Yuri Shtapura, Dennis Fisin (Overseas Media Group), Hermione Oostra
Dive consultants: Leigh Cunningham, Ben Reymenants, Tarik Omar
The City and People of Dahab, Egypt
The City and People of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Poseidon Dive Club, Quest Travel, Tek Tribe, Almost Paradise Dive Club, Aqua Sport Dive Club

•  2006/2007

Field assignments
: EKF shoots in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US.
Highlights include 'The Big Splash', a technical/scientific scuba diving event at Lake Maggiore, in northern Italy (for RTVi news) and a special documentary report about the race to dive the Yamashiro wreck (an Imperial Japanese Navy battle ship), which sank off the Phillipines, during World War II's largest naval battle in the Pacific.

Tracey Medway
. Our good friend from Australia and fellow member of Elena Konstantinou's production  team, 
passed away in February 2006. At the young age of 35, she was one of the world's finest underwater camera operators. Her work contributed to the recognition our team received at the Moscow International Diving Film Festival where Elena Konstantinoff Films won a 'Golden Dolphin' award for the documentary title "My Abyss" (refered to as 'My Deep'' in Mosfest's accented web translation).

  •  2005 Releases: Elena Konstantinoff Films (EKF)
Winter: EKF and Producer/Editor Lisa Edwards (Fountainhead Production, Connecticut), completed "Beyond Blue: Mankind's Deepest Dive", an English language adaption of the original Russian version ("Staircase to the Abyss..." see below).

EKF completed "Staircase to the Abyss - 318 Steps to the World Record", a documentary about South African extreme diver Nuno Gomes and his international team, featuring their successful attempt in setting the new SCUBA depth record of 318.25 meters.

Executive Producer: Elena Konstantinou  
Producer/Production Manager: Shareen Der Parthogh  
Writer: Alona Zharovskaya   
Camera: Alexander Bobreshov, Andreas Wallach
Underwater Camera: Valentina Cucchiara, Pieter Venter
Location Sound: Pavel Nikonov
Production/Underwater Production Assistants: Tracey Medway, Dave Wilkie

Nuno's Dive Team Members:
Lenné Foster-Jones - Surface Marshal
Pieter Venter - Deep support and camera
Dr Gareth Lowndes - Deep air support
Joseph Emmanuel - Support to Pieter Venter
Chris Serfontein - Support diver
Theo Van Eeden - Technical logistics
Sean French - DAN Paramedic
Jurek Blaszczyk - Support diver
Robert Drzeliecki - Support diver
Andrzej Kruczkowski - Support diver and scooter
Elzbieta Matuszewska - Benducka - Support diver
Cezary Abramowski - Support diver
Zbyszek Stychno (Zibi) - Support diver and scooter
Krzysztof Hrynczyszyn (Junior) - Master gas blender
Nevine A. El Ghany - Administration
Mohamed Ragab - Surface Support
Dr Adel Taher - DAN Egypt
Dr Ehab - Egypt
Dr Zdzislaw Sicko - DAN Europet

Spring Release: Elena Konstantinoff Films (EKF) completed 'My Abyss', a documentary about the notorious Blue Hole, an obscure as treacherous scuba diving local, just off the eastern shore of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula (Gulf of Aquaba, Red Sea).

Executive Producer: Elena Konstantinou  
Director: Roma Levin
Producers: Roma Levin, Simon Levin
Production Manager/Field Producer: Shareen Der Parthogh  
Writers: Roma Levin, Elena Konstantinou, Mikhail Bobrovnik 
Camera: Ze'ev Gilad, Robert Messer, Yervant Der Parthogh,
David Hands, Andreas Wallach  
Underwater Camera: Valentina Cucchiara, Tracey Medway, Jonathan Robertson, Steve Hogan 
Location Sound: Nicholas Hadjipavlou
Production/Underwater Production Assistants: Benjamin Buchanan, Dave Wilkie
Editor: Andrey Poleschuk
Post Production & Special Effects: Andrey Poleschuk, Igor Vlasov, Sergey Markin
Sound: Aleksey Mogilevsky, Max Nikulin
Original Concept: Elena Konstantinou, Rolfe Oostra

Egyptology Consultants:
Sinai Geology: Robert Schoch PhD, Boston University
Egyptology: John Anthony West, Independent Researcher & Author

Deep Dive Consultants:
Former debth record holder (308 m): John Bennett (RIP)
Former debth record holder (287 m): Jim bowden
Deep divers, open SCUBA circuit: Leigh Cunningham (240 m), Ben Reymenants (Blue Hole: 202 m)
Debth record holder (deepest air dive, 156.3 m): Mark Andrews
Tek Tribe Technical Diver & instructor (170 m): Tarek Omar

Additional Support:
Carolyn Healy, Adrian, Ian Paris, Alexander Berezin, Chris Renaud, Andrew Martin, Kfir Zorev, Viktoriya Klayer,
Lani O'Regan, Nataliya Gai, Leila Lensky, Vitaly Lensky

  •  Global Assignments (2003, 2004)
Segment pre- and field production with New York & Tel Aviv based Elena Konstantinoff Films, developing programming for Russian broadcasters.

Topics include human history, ancient mystery, mythology and related sciences. In the Extreme Sports category EKF delves into the intricacies of underwater exploration, investigating the psychology behind deep diving and the science of technical SCUBA.

Principle photography for this diverse range of projects took place in the United States (New England States & Colorado), the Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Egypt, Israel, Australia and Thailand.

AWP assisted with story development and provided location services, specialists and crew during various work phases. Andreas Wallach served as cameraman and/or field producer on location.
  •  2002: European Release
Title: "Kanada - Flussabenteuer in British Columbia"
(© 2001 Andreas Wallach Productions)

AWP original documentary about river adventures in western Canada (revised and updated version for German Television). Click here for a description of the unrevised English language version.

Writer & Producer: Andreas Wallach  
Co-Producer & Production Manager: Doug Reynolds  

Director & DP: Gene Herring  
Doug Reynolds  
Editor: Robert Messer

Currently licensed to: WDR Television Network - Federal Republic of Germany

Markets: Germany, Austria & Switzerland
(international German language audiences and other European markets via Satellite)

  •   2002: U.S. Production
Title: "Fishing Across America"
AWP provided field crew and post production services for Oregon river segments of the outdoor television series "Fishing Across America with Dennis Green"
(hosted by the avid outdoor sportsman, NFL coach of the Arizona Cardinals and former coach of the Minnesota Vikings). 


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Photograph by Julia Golosiy (Tracey Medway resurfacing in the Bahamas) © Elena Konstantinoff Films