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VIDEO TITLE "Challenging China's Yangtze", Part I & II,
Mutual of Omaha's SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE TV Series
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Andreas Wallach Video Description:
There is a tremendous 'true story' in the 1986 Sino-USA Upper Yangtze River Expedition... definitely "theatrical" material (as a film maker & river guide I was closely involved with Ken Warren and some of his Expedition Projects. Presently I'm working, well..."half-consciously", ...on the screenplay adaption of the story). Here are the events as featured in this magnificent documentary, "in a nutshell": Half a century of defeated exploratory attempts to "conquer" the Upper Yangtze Gorge: "TheMount Everest of Rivers - The Last Great Exploration on Earth" (usually ending in death). Ken Warren, an American adventurer receives permission to run the river (after 7 years of difficult political negotiations with Chinese authorities - his interest in pursuing the Yangtze exploration began during a 1977 exploratory descent of India's Ganges River... (please click on the video cover image to the left, then click on  customer comments  on the page for an extensive continuation of my description!!!)

Let me reemphasize, this is one of the great true stories of our time. Watch
this documentary now. The major motion picture will surely come to a theater near you... eventually (AW). 

BOOK TITLE "The Complete Whitewater Rafter" (for more info and/or to order, click on the cover image to the left) Book Description:
Simply the best, most comprehensive guide to whitewater rafting, this is also perhaps the most  entertaining. The thrill of trips down wild rivers is communicated vividly on nearly every page. Visually appealing and written in easygoing, friendly style, this guide is aimed at skill levels from  beginner to expert. Author Jeff Bennett begins with an introduction to whitewater river running's dramatic history and chronicles recent advances in the sport, which every year attracts new legionso f independent adventurers making unguided river runs. 
Synopsis: This book supercedes Bennett's bestselling Rafting! Visually appealing and written in an easygoing, friendly style, the guide is aimed at all skill levels, from beginner to expert, and covers  such topics as boats and gear, river dynamics, propulsion, safety and rescue, and advanced rafting.
45 illustrations.
Filmed in the IMAX format, this film had the luck (or lack thereof) to be shot during the same fateful and fatal climb of Mount Everest chronicled in Jon Krakauer's book, Into Thin Air, in which a group of rich hobby climbers found themselves trapped by a blizzard near the summit. The IMAX film contains footage of those people, but focuses on  its own group, as they make their assault on the top of the world's highest peak. Some startling footage of the mountain and the approaches--and, as in Krakauer's book, the depiction of what is involved in this kind of adventure (particularly the pain and suffering)--makes you wonder exactly where the fun is. But documentary film is about  showing you something you're not likely to see otherwise, and this movie certainly fills the bill. 
--Marshall Fine 

Additional Features 
Does an IMAX film play well on video? The large screen IMAX movie experience always sheds light on subjects we thought we knew before and adds a you-are-there immediacy. But once you shrink the image down to TV size, is the film still as effective? One certainly misses the impact of the huge IMAX screen, but for those who missed Everest in IMAX theaters, the video is well worth watching. The film is not letterboxed because the aspect ratio of IMAX films is very similar to that of a television. Only a few shots are "squished" to show the entire image (a shrine, a  mountainscape), which gives them a bowed effect. However, the clarity of an IMAX film is so good to begin with that it makes an excellent video transfer. For anyone who read Jon Krakauer's bestseller Into Thin Air, Everest is vital to putting the images with Krakauer's prose, without following the excruciating blow-by-blow story again.
--Doug Thomas 

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